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Dena Mae

" Compassion is the state of Giving of Yourself to Others" - HLMD 

 ​A bit about me….. I am a Mother, a Friend, a Life Long Student, an Example, a Painter, an Activator, a Visionary, an Artist, a Singer, a Cancer Survivor, a Cannabis supporter, Celiac Ambassador and Celiac Meal Coach, certified Life Coach, Certified NLP, a Mental Health Advocate, an Alternative Quality of Life Specialist, an Energy Healer (Certified Reiki Practitioner), an Achologiest in progress, Balanced Wellness Consultant, A Listener, a Metaphysical Ambassador and Supporter, a Spiritual Coach, an Expressionist, a Kitchen Witch, a Polarity Movement Coach, a Private Researcher, Entrepreneur, CEO of Quantum Advantage Consulting, President of Neuro Processing Tank, PI and Consultant for Quantum Private Investigators, a Co-chair with Global Mental Health Action Network a Death and Dignity Advocate, a Professional Creative Solutions & Lifestyle Consultant, a Crisis Compassion Aid and YOUR Friend. . . 


The about me page is the most awkward part of this whole online thing for me.... So I'm going to start with telling you my story and how I made it through the path of a healer, who needed healing to become a Lifestyle Coach & Consultant. I will tell you about things I've learned and experienced so that you can get to know me for who I am and where I currently stand. 


I was not always involved with healing in the professional stance, but maybe one from a more personal side. My life career started in Customer Retention, Business Management and Business Reformation. During my transition up the leadership ladder I had many experiences that helped shape who I am now and showed me a side of humanity that so many of us don't see point blank anymore. A side where so many of us hurt yet keep going and for some we don't know why, the side that needs an ear, heart and hug in our path to healing. This is one of the many reasons I work now in helping others manage their life and direct it back to the illuminated path your soul seeks.  

 These lessons were emotionally impactful on me. As I was going through an awakening of abusive behaviors from friends, co-workers, family, bosses and myself. I was not prepared for what the world was, I was so Ignorant I made myself sick unknowingly and you might be too, do you feel tired , drained, stuck or just numb? This is a powerful statement from your own mind and body. Surprisingly, on an intuitive level I knew what was wrong and it wasn't just cancer, it was my food, the people I was around and the unknowing damage my family had imprinted on me as a child.


I had been feeling off for several months, I was tired and drained. I was getting burse's, and became short of breath. I instantly thought what's wrong with me... I started to look at myself and into the symptoms, I found that low iron in the blood had similar symptoms, so... I started a plant based Iron Liquid and started to try and get in the sun more and push my cardio. It helped, I started to feel better but it didn't last long, just long enough to get help. One morning I woke to the feeling that if I did not get help I would die that day. I was out of it, and I mean in and out of consciousness.  I called at the time the only person I could think of that my son would open the door for if I couldn't. His father, who worked in a building with zero reception, by the grace of my angles he was guided out of the building at the same time I was calling. This was one miracle in many over the course of my life. I have been lucky to be watched over with divine intervention to many could haves.  

I ended up with APL Leukemia that July morning and was stabilized and shipped to a hospital that was better equipped for cancer. This was a battle for me, I spent over 45 days in medical care fighting for my life with a dozen plus doctors, family and friends who supported me and my family during the scariest time in my life at the time and for that I will always be grateful. During the first part of my stay, I was approached by a doctor, who seemed to be very nervous he educated me... a lot that day. The things he said led me down this path of learning and educating others, he said that not only can my mind create health issues out of survival, but that also my Environment had a big impact on my physical body things in this world are made of convenience and with that comes a price. I was shocked by the way he told me, and as I thought on it more, it made sense to me. Even growing up I heard, " your body is a temple" a physical temple for spirit, if it is polluted why would spirit come.... to me spirit is peace, grace, love and compassion that leads you on your path safely. 


This " rabbit hole" was the reignition to a flame, deep within my soul, cancer, the fear of leaving my child and a soul deep knowing I had purpose had reconnected me with my "Quarks", and put me on the path of change for the betterment of who I am in whole. Because of this major life event, I had begun to take Action in a Lifestyle, I had known for years yet neglected out of ignorance. It was my own lack of Will Power that brought me where I was at this time, and I knew that deep down, it was only me who could help myself gain that will and drive to change. I started a whirlwind of changes and started a massive process of educating myself in every way I could and I want you to know you can too and more than anything you deserve to. 

Dena Cancer with WIll&Bear_edited.jpg

I started by focusing on learning about me, my spirit,  my body and how and when I felt my best. I was given the opportunity to change careers and became dedicated to learning about Nutrition and Body Wellness from what you eat, to products you use on your body, to the physical activity you give your body. Luckily I was blessed to have someone see my new potential and I started working with an MMA gym. I loved it, I loved everything about it, the people were funny, hard working and dedicated to being the best they could be, they taught me it's okay to be human and I needed that more than  I knew, now that I look back at my memories of such good, fun, and accomplishing times. I was so empowered by knowing I was making a change.  

Blood covers the mat during an MMA fight

I was fortunate to work with some of the best MMA fighters that Norther Utah had seen at that time, and even more blessed to help some in their process to their First Victory. These memories remind me to tell you, you can make change, there will be those that believe in you. I know that I will always be grateful for the MMA Family I earned during that part of my life. I've lived through Cancer, Grew from Childhood Trauma, Religious and Social Ritual Abuse and Survived Domestic Violence from my Veteran (38 U.S.C. § 101(27). A) Husband, Neglect from the Medical System and Social System when I needed it most... Sadly, this is widely the case for so many. I am lucky to still be here and I am Grateful Everyday for that. 

It was through my life’s experiences, both good and bad that I knew, I wanted to help others achieve their goals, their dreams, and live the best life. Knowing they are supported and heard along the way. I work hard to meet the individual needs of my clients. In return, I work diligently with each client to create a program that helps them achieve their goals and start living a life they love.

Ataraxis was Created to support your healing and help you find what or who you need on your path. After attending classes from Yale, Duke, Drake, Harvard and Boston University I gained a healthy understanding of supportive lifestyle coaching for those with disabilities, Brain Injuries including CTE and TBI's, and those with Anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, Stress, and Depression.
As a Certified Professional and Personal Coach now with over 20 years’ experience and training combined, I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal and professional goals by facing life and any of life's illness and di-ease with wellness, learning to balance through the issues, even the uncomfortable ones, that are causing them distress, anxiety, fear, anger, hurt and stress. I use techniques from Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Astral Regression Therapy, Color Therapy, Energy Therapies and many other practices to create a custom course of action designed to your individual needs. 

After spending years working through my techniques, I am now an international author, a joyful mother, a happy business owner who gets to help you find peace and balance, and I enjoy the company of those who love and support me. I couldn't be more blessed and grateful. 


I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients, and look forward to helping you improve your wellbeing, your brain health, your time management, and the Quality of Your Life. You deserve to be happy in who you are and where you are. 

At Ataraxis you are  supported to openly talking about the easy & hard stuff in life to help you find and face the things that scare you and truly find options that support you ...

My Focus is to give you options such as Health and Wellness  and  guide you to find what that means to you...


I suggest learning about or using Complementary & Alternative Health Choices, a  diet known as Flexitarian  , Fitness ,   Healthy Bonding,  Aroma Therapy with Essential Oils, Polarity Therapy to support a healthy lifestyle. 

The Average client has faced some form of road block in their life, from not feeling confident, feeling stressed, or feeling that they are just not enough. Topics that really hit  the core of a lot of clients can be a combination of any thing listed below. 

Toxic Food Syndrome, Compassion Fatigue, False Awakening, sleep paralysis or Sleep Demon, Twin Flame, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairtangency, Clairgustance, Clairempathy, Infertility, Parent and Child Emotional Relationship concerns or impacts of emotional incest, Disneyland Parent, empathy or empathic abilities, chaotic and unorganized life,  Cancer,   Out of Body Experiences, Chronic Pain, Narcissistic Abuse,  two faced Relationships, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), TBI, PTSDAddiction(s), Sexual assault,   Depersonalization, Fantasy Obsessions, Pornography, Pedophilia,  Betrayal, Male Abuse Patterns, Female Abuse to Partner, Traumatic Bonding,  Divorce, Relationship Concerns, Distress intolerance, Drama Triangle, Chronic Illness of self or in the Family, Family Abuse, Military Spouse Concerns, Fear of your spouse, Desire for Suicide, Scapegoat Spouse, Golden Child Partner,  Illicit Drugs; Cannabis, Mushrooms, Psychedelics  and more herbs that God Gave this Blue-Green Earth, Financial Stress that adds to your mental fatigue,  Financial Abuse, Project Monarch, MK U, Milab, S.S., S.S.P, T.I., R.A. Fears of Project 2030,  G20 and UN21, Indigo Children Theory, The feeling of Neglect in family, work and social situations, Medical Gaslighting, Religious Gaslighting, Cultural/Social Gaslighting, Imposter syndrome,  Loss of Trust in Marriage,  relationships with a liar,  Racing Thoughts, Stress, Depression, not feeling like oneself, feeling alone or feeling like you just want to go home... 

Some options used to help are Traditional Healing, Herbal Wisdom, Reiki, Breathing Retraining, Woman's and Men's Confidence Coaching, experimental medicine, Feminine and Male Reproductive MaintenanceWhole Person Mentality Modality, Sensory Deprivation, Vibrational Healing,  Mantra chanting, Family Dynamics and Developing through tough Conversation, Clinical options and professional teaming to help you find the balance to your life again. 


If you can relate to any of these reach out, find help and support. you know what you need to feel safe. Follow that flutter! 

Woman Cooking in Kitchen
A Supportive Hug

 Education & Training

 - BBA Granted by CCU 2009

- MA Granted by CCU 2018

- D.D. Granted by ULC 2019

- PsyThD.® In Progress

~ Certifications~

 Influencing Views 

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