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About Me...

" Compassion is the state of Giving of Yourself to Others" - HLMD 

Greetings! I embrace a diverse array of roles in this incredible journey called life. I am a devoted Mother and an unwavering Friend, always ready to provide support and guidance. I am a perpetual Life-Long Student, committed to the pursuit of knowledge and self-improvement. Having triumphed over cancer, I navigate life's intricacies with resilience. My passions extend to various domains, from being a steadfast Cannabis Supporter to serving as a Celiac Ambassador and Celiac Meal Coach. I hold certifications in Life Coaching, Access Bars, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, and Logotherapy, demonstrating my commitment to empowering individuals.

Unveiling My Multifaceted Expertise:
Delving deeper into my multidimensional persona, you will uncover the essence of an Artist within. I channel my creativity through painting and storytelling through song. As a Certified Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer, I channel positive energies to promote holistic well-being. My role as a Flexitarian Coach and Support Specialist reflects my dedication to sustainable living and conscientious dietary choices. Simultaneously, I am honing my expertise as an Achology Specialist, with a specialization in Theocentric Psychology, delving into the spiritual dimensions of the human psyche. Professionally, I lead Quantum Advantage Consulting, where we focus on enhancing businesses, and oversee Neuro Processing Tank, where we deduce solutions for complex client challenges.


Advocacy and Community Engagement:
Beyond personal endeavors, I proudly co-chair the Global Mental Health Action Network, advocating for the advancement of global mental health initiatives. I am a staunch advocate for Death and Dignity rights, asserting the importance of individual autonomy in end-of-life decisions. Within my community, I serve as a respected Professional Creative Solutions & Lifestyle Consultant, offering my expertise to help others lead enriching lives. Whether you seek spiritual guidance, artistic inspiration, or pragmatic solutions to life's intricate puzzles, consider me a steadfast Friend, prepared to offer unwavering support on your unique journey. Together, we can catalyze positive change and cultivate meaningful experiences.

The About Me Page Awkwardness; If there's one thing I find challenging in the world of online presence, it's talking about myself. So, let's start with my story – how I transformed from a healer needing healing into a Lifestyle Coach & Consultant. Along this path, I've learned and experienced enough to help you understand me and where I stand today.

My career initially led me through Customer Retention, Business Management, and Business Reformation. This path exposed me to the often hidden struggles that many face silently. My transition into leadership brought encounters that shaped me and revealed a side of humanity we often overlook. A side that silently suffers and keeps pushing forward, needing an ear, a heart, and a hug on the path to healing. This is why I'm dedicated to helping others manage their lives, steering them toward the illuminated path their soul seeks.

These lessons impacted me emotionally. I awakened to abusive behaviors from friends, co-workers, family, bosses, and even within myself. The world was different from what I had known, and my ignorance unknowingly took a toll on my health. Perhaps you feel it too – the fatigue, the drain, the numbness – subtle indicators from your mind and body that something isn't right. Intuitively, I knew it wasn't just cancer; it was my food, my surroundings, and the unhealed wounds from my past.

Months passed with feelings of fatigue and breathlessness. I realized I needed help. My research suggested low iron levels, leading me to a plant-based Iron Liquid and a focus on sun exposure and cardio. It helped briefly, but I knew it wasn't enough. One morning, the urgency of seeking help hit me – I felt that if I didn't act, I might not survive the day. In and out of consciousness, I managed to call for help. Miraculously, my call reached my son's father, who happened to step out of a reception-free zone at that very moment. A string of divine interventions guided us.

That July morning, I was diagnosed with APL Leukemia, a battle that spanned over 45 days with a dozen doctors, family, and friends by my side. A doctor's words ignited my journey – he showed me how the mind and environment shape our health. This revelation kindled a flame within, reigniting my "Quarks," setting me on a path of change for the better. Cancer and fear reconnected me to my purpose. Major life events often lead to action, and I began adopting a lifestyle I had known for years but neglected. Change required my willpower, my drive, and my decision to put my well-being first.

Learning about myself, understanding my spirit, my body, and when I felt my best became my focus. A change in career allowed me to delve into nutrition and body wellness. My MMA gym experience introduced me to the power of human connection, teaching me that it's okay to be human. My work with MMA fighters reinforced that change is possible, and support exists. I've walked the path of surviving Cancer, overcoming Childhood Trauma, Religious and Social Ritual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Medical and Social Neglect, and more. Grateful for every moment, I'm here, and I'm alive.

This journey, filled with highs and lows, has driven me to help others pursue their goals, dreams, and best lives. My experiences laid the foundation for supporting individuals through their struggles, making them feel heard and understood. After attending classes from esteemed universities like Yale, Duke, Drake, Harvard, and Boston University, I've honed expertise in coaching those with disabilities, brain injuries, and conditions like Anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, Stress, and Depression.


With over 20 years of experience and training as a Certified Professional and Personal Coach, I specialize in helping individuals confront life's challenges and imbalances. Through techniques like Gestalt Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Astral Regression Therapy, Color

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Are you ready to unlock your full potential, conquer obstacles, and create a life that truly resonates with who you are?


Welcome to Life Coaching by Dena, where transformation isn't just a possibility – it's a promise.Imagine having a dedicated ally by your side, someone who listens, understands, and guides you towards your goals with unwavering support.


That's exactly what you'll find with Life Coaching by Dena. As a Certified Life Coach with a wealth of experience, I'm here to empower you to lead a life of purpose, balance, and fulfillment.


Life Coaching isn't about giving you all the answers – it's about helping you discover the answers within yourself. Whether you're seeking to navigate life transitions, conquer self-doubt, enhance your relationships, or simply find your true path, I'm here to provide the tools, techniques, and personalized strategies to make it happen.


Here's what you can expect:

Personalized Guidance: Your journey is unique, and so is your coaching experience. Together, we'll craft a customized roadmap that aligns with your goals, values, and aspirations.

Empowering Mindset: Say goodbye to limiting beliefs that have held you back. I'll help you reshape your mindset, replacing self-doubt with confidence, fear with courage, and uncertainty with clarity.


Effective Strategies: Drawing from a diverse range of techniques, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Energy Healing, I'll equip you with practical tools to overcome challenges and thrive in every aspect of your life.


Unwavering Support: Life's journey is filled with twists and turns. With Life Coaching by Dena, you're never alone. I'm here to celebrate your victories, provide guidance during setbacks, and champion your growth every step of the way.


Holistic Approach: We'll delve into every facet of your life – from career to relationships, from wellness to personal growth. Together, we'll cultivate balance and harmony that resonates in every area.


Lasting Results: Our partnership is focused on sustainable change. You'll not only achieve your immediate goals but also develop lifelong skills to navigate challenges and continue your journey towards personal excellence.


Don't let the barriers of yesterday define your tomorrow. Break free from limitations, embrace your potential, and start living a life that sets your soul on fire. With Life Coaching by Dena, you're not just embarking on a coaching journey – you're igniting a transformation that will reshape your life in ways you never thought possible.


Ready to take the first step? Contact me today to schedule a consultation and discover how Life Coaching by Dena can be the catalyst for your remarkable transformation. Your best life is within reach, and I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

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 Education & Training

 - BBA Granted by CCU 2009

- D.D. Granted by ULC 2019

- PsyThD.® In Progress

~ Certifications~

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