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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the sessions take?

- I conduct the average session as 60 minute.

We can arrange 30, 90, and 120 minutes if needed.

How do I schedule?

Use the Online Scheduling Board 

How often should I come to the session?

-Usually, meetings are held once every two weeks, depending on the situation,

it can be arranged as once a week or once a month. I am flexible to your needs.

I am working, do you make appointments outside of working hours?

-Yes, I can arrange Morning and Evening hours and with

an additional $10.00 fee Weekends can be offered.

To arrange this you will need to call at 801-600-4211 or email me at

Will what I say at the Session be kept confidential?

-Definitely yes. Your personal information and what was said in the session will

never be transferred to anyone with information that identifies

you unless needed for emergency assistance.

Can we chat online?

Yes online is an option for those who would prefer that.

How do I pay for a service?

Check and Cash (in person only)

Venmo App,  PayPal, and Square 

On Square there is an Afterpay and G-Pay option.

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