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About Dena Mae

Dena is the founder of Ataraxis and Q.A.C. she a visionary in using Behavioral Science, Holistic Wellness, and Life Quality Research to transform and elevate the lifestyle and insights into industry and client relations, this position plays an indispensable role in commercial decision-making and is the catalyst for Dena in founding Q.A.C.. She believes that this can only be achieved by demonstrating real compassion and applying a practical application of deep communication within the industry.

Dena comes with Seventeen plus years, of combined experience in the business industry hosting *Several Degrees and currently seeking her PsyThD. with over Thirty-three Certifications and counting in Life Coaching, Health, Wellness, Neuro-Linguistics, Mental Health, Nutritional Wellbeing, Herbal Therapies, Alternative and Complementary Wellness Benefits and Options, and Interprofessional Communication combined, as well as A Trained, Fourth Generation Barefoot Family Herbalist/Healer/Caregiver. Dena has helped place products in retail companies such as Lowe's, HomeDepot and Harmons, she has helped create Gym and Professional floorplans and business development plans for a Mixed Martial Art Studio's, Wellness Office and Production Service's, she has created marketing material for several multi sized businesses, she has worked to create income events for profit and non profit companies, supported and helped create  Veterans events, donated her time to support several local children's sports with sponsorships and donation driving, and helped create a multitude of clients that feel more empowered in growth while doing what they love. 


Dena focuses on the client relations and agency communications and development, including Sales & Marketing Material and Events, Environment Structure and Development, Holistic Beauty and Wellness Product Development, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan Friendly Recipe Structure and Development, Work Flow Engineering, Consumer Insight & Surveying, Employee Behavioral Wellness focused in HR Support, Consumer Escalations Control and Crisis Management Intervention.  Dena is not afraid to step into the heat of the kitchen and get things done. 

CCU 2009-06-05/683/BBA-UT 
CCU 2018-08-10/843/MA-UT 

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