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 Influencing Views

Influencing my lifestyle and teachings are;

Ivan Palov, Neville Goddard, Rudolf H. Moos, Alice Bailey, Deepak Chopra, Teal Swan, Jose Argüelles,

Richard Webster, J.H. Brennan, Julia Line, David Brooks, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay,

Max Weber, Don Colbert, Paul Bloom, Mircea Eliade, Victoria Sweet, Institute of Medicine (NAM), Illuminati, Daniel Kaheman, FC&A Medical Publishing, Rex A. Wright, Jeff Greenberg,

Sharon S. Brehm, Jack Brehm, Maurice Nicoll, Deedre Diemer, Dale Pendell, Johnathan Haidt,

Joyce Myer, J. Krishnamurti, Vishen Lakhiani, Moses Hadas, Marianne Rolland, Michael Finkelstein,

Daniel Kahneman, Ellen Diana, Dr. Gary Kaplan, Dean Ornish, Connie Leach, Felictas D. Goodman,

Marcia Emery, Sylvia Browne, Cheryl Richardson, Alma R. Hutchens, Irene Dalichow, Franzesca Watson, Will Durant,  Don Richardson Riso & Russ Hudson, Gary Marcus, Cynthia Thaik, Vickie Milazzo, Jane Roberts, Paul & Patricia Braggs, Donna Eden, Watchman Nee, Aurther Koestler, Ted Andrews, Susy Smith, Vesanto Melina, Brenda Davis, Victoria Harrison, Sir Gary Olsen, Marisa Peer, Emile Durkhem, Colin Campbell & Caldwell Esseltyn, Leonard George, William T. Mitchell, Arnold Fox & Barry Fox, Vicky Wall, John McAfee, Uri Geller, Faber Birren, Beverly Engel, David Silver, Louise Wisechild, Dr. James Dobson, Danielle Laporte, and Many, Many Others.

Reading Suggestions;


  • Your Vibrant Heart (2014)

  • Total Recovery (2014)

  • Gods Hotel (2012)

  • To Err is Human Building a safer Health system (2000)

  • The Spiritual Man (1968)

  • Becoming Vegetarian (1995)

  • The Pocket Aristotle (1958)

  • The Stoic Philosophy of Seneca (1958)

  • Emotional Intelligence (1995)

  • The Spectrum (2007)

  • 7 spiritual laws of success. (1994)

  • The Anatomy of Loneliness (2018)

  • Past Life Memories.

  • Shamanism (1972)

  • Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality: Exploring the Out-of-Body State.(2005)

  • Love yourself, heal your life.

  • Toxic Relief (2001)

  • Illumintiam (2017)

  • Think fast and slow.

  • Dream Psychology (1917)

  • ABC’s of Chakra Therapy

  • Pharmako Series

  • Water (1992-2008)

  • The Happiness Hypothesis.

  • The Power of Being positive

  • Where the Spirit rides the wind.

  • Aromatherapy blends & Remedies (1995)

  • The Social Animal (2011)

  • The CURE Conspiracy (2005)

  • Psychic Healing

  • Aura-Soma (1996)

  • The Wisdom of Enneagram

  • The Intuitive Healer (1999)

  • Seth Speaks

  • Braggs Healthy Lifestyle

  • Energy Medicine (2008)

  • A Collection of Critical Essays (Durkem)

  • The Human Context (1976)

  • How to uncover your Past Lives/ How to meet & work with Spirit Guides (Andrews)

  • Indian Herbology of North America (1973)

  • A Supernatural Primer for the Millions

  • Souls Divine Journey

  • Marisa Peer RTT

  • The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life (1915)

  • Forks over Knives (2011)

  • The World without Us (2007)

  • Alternative Realities(1995)

  • Alternative Healing

  • Motivational Analyses Of Social Behavior (2004)

  • Aura-Soma (1995-2005)

  • The Secret of the Yamas

  • Think Fast and Slow (2011)

  • The Man and His Theories (1962)

  • How Children Learn the meaning of Words (2000)

  • Color Psychology and Color Therapy (1992)

  • The Birth of the Mind (2004)

  • The Desire Map (2014)

  • Preparing for Adolescence (2005)

  • Feeling is the Secret (2019)

  • The little Black book of Litigation Management (1996)

  • The Obsidian Mirror (1988)

  • Healing your Emotional Self (2006)

  • Charge up your life Workbook (2010)

  • Numerology workbook (1985)

  • Slow Medicine (2013)

  • Rapid Transformation Therapy (2016)

  • The Code of the Extraordinary Mind (2019)

More than anything I want you to remember, as you go on your path you will be knocked down, as you get closer to your purpose you will be targeted. You are powerful and necessary in the web of life, you will have those who make you question yourself, those who shame you and those who fear what you can be. Look up child and know you are loved, wanted and needed. You make a difference. 

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