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Could you use a Life Coach?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Sometimes Life coaching is one of those things that we hear about on TV and in the press, thinking to ourselves why would anyone need such a thing. But, if you looked into it further, you might have been surprised to see how useful a life coaching is.

Life coaches, such as Lifestyle Coaches, Empowerment Coaches, Style Coaches, and Other Life Coaches; take techniques from psychology, counselling and mentoring, and combine them with tricks of the trade to help clients achieve their goals. Some examples of the techniques used include behavior modification and goal-setting, although almost any technique can be brought in if the coach believes it will be helpful. The coach’s most important role is to simply listen to what their client has to say, and help them work through the problems that are standing between them and their goals.

Time is of the essence for life coaching. A coach can spend months and some even years working with you to achieve their goals and the things they want in life. Time is valuable so making the most of it by connecting with you mentally, emotionally and spiritually is the priority to help you form the best life vision of you. Achieving a degree of trust is usually the first step and where you find out if you are a fit with that Life Coach. Next is listening intently, and then identifying critical situation in your life.

The thing about working with a life coach is that although you do relate from time to time basis, they give you room to expand and be who you really are, without having to worry of what others are thinking. Coaches support, advise and praises you in your current success and asks you if there is anything in your life, you want to change. By asking the questions, the coach puts the ball in your court and makes you sit with what you want. The process of life coaching is not an easy one and is similar to counseling as you grow. Most Coaches are trained, but there is no formal education at this time so certifications are a good way to validate their abilities.

Do you have goals you have not achieved?

Do you want support on your path?

Do you want someone that will have your back, and push you to grow?

Then a Life Coach is something that could benefit you. Take care of yourself and get the support you deserve.

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