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What.... Neem Oil as a Contraceptive???

That's right, Neem is one of those wonderful miracle plants... and I'm not kidding this amazing plant holds properties that are a contraceptive for BOTH Men and Women!

In 1992 the National Research Council. released Neem: A Tree for Solving Global Problems. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. . This article suggest that this PLANT can be used as a spermicide, and the Morning After remedy, stating "Intrauterine application of neem oil appears to induce a pre-implantation block in fertility". "Neem oil has also been found to have anti-implantation/abortifacient effect in rats and rabbits if applied intravaginally on day 2 to day 7 of expected pregnancy. The minimum effective dose is 25 µl for rats. One month after the stoppage of neem oil application there was complete reversibility in fertility in these animals.

"It had no deleterious effect on the subsequent pregnancies and the off springs."

They also discuss that the leaf extract reduces fertility. This is big information that comes with a BIG impact on society. Now Both Men and Women have an option, and not just some synthetic chemical, but a Natural Option and is even Reversible with little to no side effects. The Question has been asked.... Could this be a Breakthrough in Birth Control? Shall we talk?

What are your thoughts?

Sometimes it's just NOT time.... Be you when you are ready to.

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