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Improve Performance through Positive Thinking and Behavior

The importance of positive thinking and behavior can not be understated in your job search and / or career and new job promotions. Remember that everyday is a new life to a wise man. You can train yourself to have new ways of thinking and behaving to enhance your career, job prospects and way of life.

The past need not be a barrier to your success in life.

Positive thinking is making a conscious effort to think with an optimistic attitude and anticipate positive outcomes. Positive behavior means purposely acting with energy and enthusiasm. When you think and behave positively, you guide your mind toward your goals and generate matching mental and physical energy. Positive thinking and behavior are often deciding factors in landing a top job – your first job, a promotion, a change of jobs – whatever career step you are targeting. The function of your subconscious is to support your thoughts and behaviors by triggering matching psychological responses. Research has proved that positive thinking and behavior have a powerful impact on personal performance, confidence and even health.

Positive thinking causes the brain to generate matching, positive chemical and physical responses, such as increased mental alertness and physical energy, improved respiration and circulation, and increased beneficial endorphins. Thinking positively actually boosts your ability to perform and project enthusiasm, energy, competence, and confidence - the qualities interviewers look for when they hire and promote candidates. Negative thinking causes the brain to stimulate matching negative chemical and physical responses, such as increased blood pressure, reduced mental alertness, increased anxiety, decreased physical energy, and flight r fight reactions and responses.

These responses decrease energy, creativity, and performance and simultaneously erode self confidence.

Follow these steps to form the habit of positive thinking to boost your success.

1) Deliberately motivate yourself every day

Think of yourself as successful, and expect positive outcomes for everything you attempt.

2) Project energy and enthusiasm

Employers hire people who project positive energy and enthusiasm. Develop the habit of speaking, moving and acting with these qualities.

3) Practice this positive expectation mind-set until it becomes a habit.

Applicants who project enthusiasm and positive behavior generate a positive chemistry that rubs off. Hiring decisions are largely influenced by this positive energy. The habit will help you reach your peak potential

4) Dwell on past successes

Focus on past successes to remind yourself of your abilities will help you to attain your goals.

It does no good to yourself or your future if you dwell on past events.

Who cares for example that you had dealings with ungrateful individuals who were former lowlife criminals returning to their lifelong behaviors that took advantage of your good nature and skills by refusing to pay you even for the cost of goods and supplies. Focus on the future and you will get there. Focus on the past and you will relive and repeat it.

As an example of focusing on past successes, no one is ever born learning how to ride a bicycle or certainly to repair and diagnose computer problems.

Through training, practice, and trial and error, you master new abilities. During the trial-and- error phases of development remind yourself of past successes: look at mistakes as part of the natural learning curve. Continue until you achieve the result you want, and remind yourself that you have succeeded in the past and can do so yet again. You will fail only when you quit trying.

The importance of positive thinking and behavior can not be understated in your job search and / or career and new job promotions. Remember that everyday is a new life to a wise man.

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