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My secret favorite food!

So I've got to tell you this absolutely awesome secret…. one of my favorite soups and yes it is so good your Tastebuds will water every time you hear about it after you taste it.

When this dish is done right you can taste the flavor and spice and you instantly can feel your personality Pop for that day….. :) Alright what am I getting at is pinto bean soup this amazing soup is wonderful hot or cold and anything in between. It will help save you from outrageous food that is not only toxic but expensive and it also provides you with so many nutrients that you need and it is incredibly packed with protein and fiber.

I Love to add greens to mine and I mean things like Chopped baby…..spinach, kale, & swiss chard, I also add roasted carrots, some roasted rutabaga and some roasted parsnip.

Best part its Traditional, so you can find it when traveling.

Have an Amazing Day !

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