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Welcome to Access Bars!

🌟 Discover Freedom from Stress and Overthinking with Access Bars®! 🌟

🔥 Tired of the relentless buzz of stress and the never-ending whirlwind of thoughts that keep you awake at night? Ready to finally silence the overwhelming mental chatter that seems impossible to escape? 


If stress, anxiety, or mental turmoil are constant companions in your daily life, we have a transformative solution just for you!

🎉 Introducing Access Bars® by Practitioners Margo Lynn and Dena Mae 🎉

🌌 Imagine a technique that delicately touches your head, gently releasing the suffocating grip of stress and soothing your overwhelmed mind. Access Bars® has swept across 100+ countries, practiced by hundreds of thousands of people who have experienced its profound effects. And now, Dena Mae and Margo Lynn bring this life-changing experience directly to you.

🔮 What is Access Bars®?
Access Bars® is more than a mere relaxation method; it's a liberating journey that unbinds the tangled knots of stress and overthinking, unshackling you from the limitations that hold you back from embracing your true potential. By lightly stimulating 32 distinct points on your head, Access Bars® gracefully and effectively releases the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, and considerations that hinder you from crafting the life you genuinely love. This practice isn't just about attaining relaxation; it's about embracing profound liberation.


🌼 Why Access Bars® with Dena Mae and Margo Lynn?
With years of experience and a profound understanding of human emotions, Margo Lynn And Dena Mae are more than practitioners – they are your dedicated guides on this transformative expedition toward tranquility. As certified Access Bars® practitioners, they have witnessed the incredible impact of this practice on countless lives. Their masterful touch, combined with an unwavering compassion, guarantees that your experience will be one of genuine release and revitalization.


💆‍♀️ Experience the Magic Yourself!
The beauty of Access Bars® lies in its adaptability, as each session is carefully tailored to address your unique needs. Whether you're seeking relief from stress, yearning to quiet your inner critic, confronting addiction, PTSD, or processing significant life events, Access Bars® stands as a versatile and customized solution. Beyond its immediate benefits, Access Bars® creates an environment for forgiveness and peace as you liberate yourself from the chains of trauma, creating room for serenity and profound healing. There's no single "right" way to experience it – only your way. Allow yourself to unlock the transformative power of Access Bars® and embark on a journey of embracing inner peace and mental liberation.


🌟 Creating an Environment for Forgiveness and Peace
Access Bars® isn't just about stress relief; it's a conduit for healing. Letting go of trauma can be an intricate process, and Access Bars® creates a safe space for that release. By gently clearing away the layers of negative energy and thought patterns, it opens the path for forgiveness and peace to take root. As you embark on this journey, you'll find that the burdens you've been carrying can be lifted, allowing you to step forward with a lighter heart and a calmer mind.


Experience the Transformative Benefits:
🌌 A more peaceful mind
🌼 Increased relaxation
🌟 Improved outlook on life
🌈 Stress relief
🛀 A space to replenish your body
🌞 Increased energy and creativity





🧠 What is it Like to Receive an Access Bars Session?
Imagine pressing the reset button on your computer's cluttered hard drive, but this time, it's your brain that undergoes the rejuvenating process. Access Bars® is akin to a journey of release – letting go of negative thought patterns, ceaseless mental chatter, and the heavy burden of accumulated stress. As the gentle touch activates the 32 points on your head, you're clearing space for tranquility, clarity, and a profound renewal of self. It's a voyage that reestablishes your connection with inner peace and untapped potential.

Research on Access Bars® reveals remarkable benefits. In a 2015 study conducted by Dr. Jeffrey Fannin and his team, it was revealed that the neurological enhancements resulting from Access Bars® therapy mirror the positive outcomes observed in seasoned meditators. Interestingly, these improvements were instantaneous, offering swift relief.

Corroborating these findings is the notable research work by Dr. Terrie Hope, PhD, DNM, CFMW, published in 2017. Dr. Hope's study demonstrated the significant impact of a 90-minute Access Bars® session, showcasing an impressive 84.7% reduction in anxiety symptoms and an 82.7% reduction in depression symptoms.

Furthermore, a subsequent research study, led by Dr. Samantha Ellis, PhD, and released in 2020, delved deeper into the benefits of Access Bars®. Dr. Ellis' investigation revealed that participants experienced a 70% reduction in stress levels after undergoing consistent Access Bars® sessions over a span of six weeks.

These research endeavors underline the transformative potential of Access Bars® as a technique that not only parallels meditative benefits but also offers rapid relief and long-lasting improvements in mental well-being.


📞 Book Your Session Today:

$120.00 Per 60 Min Session, Contact for specials
Contact Dena Mae at (801) 600-4211
Contact Margo Lynn at (385) 732-4061

🌟 Are you ready to mute the noise in your head and wholeheartedly embrace serenity? 

Embark on your Access Bars® journey with Dena Mae and Margo Lynn!

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